WHITEBERG: Dougy's Mind: Album Credits

· Composed and arranged by Emmanuel Whiteberg
· Performed by WHITEBERG:

· Emmanuel Whiteberg: vocals and vocal effects
· Clem Fazuku: percussion and programming
· Vidya Sahara: bass guitar and bass synthesiser, backing vocals
· Kavita Quartz: keyboards and sampling, backing vocals
· Algernon Vaniva: guitars and effects, backing vocals

· Core Direction:
· Emmanuel Whiteberg: vocals
· Ronnie Gurdjieff: percussion
· Pablo Ouspenski: bass
· Phil Marinetti: sound modules
· Maitland White: guitars (also guitar on 'Bottomless Boom')

· Guest Musicians
· Leonard Russolo: sampling, effects, deconstructed analog synthesisers
· Theo Broderick: horn and wind treatments

· Conceptualized at Studio EAM
Recorded at Hung Soundzone
Mixed and mastered at Studio Dwarf
Produced and Engineered by Karl Genzmer for Laconic Productions
A Laconic Production, in association with Superimposition Records

· Marketing: Deep Management
· Circulation: mdw Distribution

· Design: Formal Graphics
Paintings: Emmanuel Whiteberg

· All copyright and publishing rights owned by Whiteberg / Superimposition Records / Laconic Productions 2009
· All rights of the owner of the work reserved. unauthorised copying, hiring, renting, lending, public performance & broadcasting prohibited