Video: Whiteberg: Dougy's Mind:Foul League Intrigue:

Issue 2 (+5db Mindquake Assemblage) WMACD/23.1/179R SR28(2)
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Listen to sample clips and and read this review by Moritz R of Der Plan:

"You thought your nightmares are over? No way, son! Here's Whiteberg with an hour of black wisdom:

Opening of the Head 2:44
Draws you out of your pleasant daydreams into a decrepit roller-coaster, irrevocably running down the devil's mine to the gates of hell.
Opening of the Head

Part 1: SPELLS
Foul League Intrigue 6:31
Makes sure the primary weapon against the demons is still a plutonium charged *bass-drum*. This is rave! Real rave, no pussy
retro-pop. Let's all go out where the crop circles are and dance
Foul League Intriguesun moon

Body Like a Dog 5:30
And don't you dare stop dancing. Not yet! Not now! A good decision before the actinism of the amphetamine is slowing down. You gotta thank your DJ for it on your knees, before the final gong calls you back to reality.
:Body Like a Dogsun moon

Bottomless Boom 5:26
Mature song of a band who had meandered through different stages of loop ways, but now knows what they're doing in a pleasantly minimal manner. Could even be played in a context of designer's pop. There is a surprising glimpse of retro-60s psychedelic undertone, perhaps just the sound of the voice of the lead singer.
Bottomless Boomsun moon

Edge of Insanity 1:40
Gee, you thought the nightmare was over again, silly boy, didn't you? No! Not as long as you're tied to Kafka's machine, delicately cutting the words of the Prince of Darkness into your flesh.
Edge of Insanity

Part 2
Dark Earth Kiss 6:04
The electric guitar wasn't invented to please. Song starts with a reminder, before it indulges itself into electronic sequences of the cruel kind. This song is hard work. Nothing is simply given to you. Before your speaker's membranes are war-torn, the chorus of the fallen angels ends the pain. And gives over the microphone to...
Dark Earth Kisssun moon

Feast for a Fiend 7:42
...a girl. Reminding you that even for the hard-boiled things are sometimes too delicate to be crushed under the boots of an electric beat. One may even suspect this is a love song. Love? This must make you suspicious. Don't fall for it, son! Because if you do you will suffer even more, when the next slap in your face will inevitably come. OMG. It's already too late. Who is this guy breaking into the song? Probably a subconscious fiend bringing dirty imaginations up to your attention. For the good. The girl in your arms was already wondering when you would make the next more explicit move.
Feast for a Fiendsun moon

Operation Normal Chair 5:01
Hot ride through a sizzling megapolis with complex break beats and Apollonian sounds on the upper edge of the treble booster.
Operation Normal Chairsun moon


Back Of Beyond 2:16
Waking up on the operation table from a nightmarish anaesthesia.
Back Of Beyond

Part 3 : SYMBOLS
Black Snow 5:45

Track you cannot use, but instead the track uses you. No escape. They won't let you go home yet. There have to be a few experiments conducted on you yet. How's that: strings?! Does that evoke memories of experiences you never had on the boulevard of broken dreams? Or are you just trying to wake up?
Black Snowsun moon

Virus of Fame 8:31
At last! The morning is dawning. An oriental voice is welcoming a new day. Try to get up and stand on your own feet, even if you're still a bit wobbly on your legs. But you gotta go. There's a life out there. Don't let it pass without you. Just follow that woman's voice. It will lead you to the hanging gardens of Babylon. Push all obstacles off your way and keep on marching. But don't lose that spirit! Life can be so cruel and take away that inner voice from you that used to guide you so well when you were young. You need friends, you must join forces. Together you will prevail and joyfully join in cosmic unity.
Virus of Famesun moon

Faded Moral Fibre 7:23)
Here I come Constantinople! Can hear the muezzin singing from the towers of the mosque already. But this is not the ancient orient, this is the 21st century. A lively confusing modern world these days. You gotta dive deep into the witches' cauldron and cut through the unsafe amusement quarter before you can separate the surface noise from the singing of the sirens, those beautiful deadly sirens.

Faded Moral Fibresun moon


Freed into the Wild 2:31
Is it over? Will there be relief? Will there be hope? After this rigourous teaching unit with the Count you are wiser than before, but you still don't know everything. And you never will. The world will remain a strange place and every time you wake up you will realise that you are yet in another dream. Don't cry. Learn how to speak. Because everything starts with the word. And ends in speechlessness."

Freed into the Wild

Reviewed by Moritz R (Der Plan)


Copyright and Phonograph Copyright owned by
Whiteberg/Superimposition Records/Laconic Productions 2009