Hairy Monsterland

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Copyright and Phonograph Copyright owned by
Whiteberg/Superimposition Records/Laconic Productions 2004
WMACD/20/101004M SR25

Track listing

1. Divil Gang 3:34

2. Wesenden Steps 4:38

3. Doyle 3:50

4. Poucher 3:01

5. Dingle 2:41

6. Nidge 3:58

7. Doctors 3:3 6

8. Swellands 5:0 6

principal musicians · count emmanuel whiteberg: vocals and vocal treatments, ronald gurdjieff: percussion. pablo ouspenski: acoustic and electric bass guitars. philip marinetti: piano, keyboards, ring modulator/vocoder treated vocals. maitland white: acoustic and electric guitars. · additional musicians · leonard russolo: sampling, sound effects, analogue synths. duncan whiteberg*: guitars & backing vocals (divil gang, nidge, poucher), ruang (dingle). ian gurdjieff*: horn treatments (doyle). theo broderick: wind instrument treatments (wesenden steps). michael parnini: pemade (swellands). · special guests · 'the steamers' with, ray pogo: acoustic guitar and vocals (doyle). doug rocker: vocals: farfisa organ and vocals (doyle). david gob santur and backing vocals (divil gang ) improvised percussion (doyle) · *duncan whiteberg and ian gurdjieff appear courtesy of 'biz chamber' · composed and arranged by count emmanuel whiteberg, ronald gurdjieff, pablo ouspenski, philip marinetti and maitland white
produced by karl genzmer for laconic · recorded at tanis studio, wiltshire and e.a.m. studios, west yorkshire · mixed and mastered at dwarf-1 london · all rights of the producer & of the owner of the work reproduced reserved. unauthorised copying,
hiring, renting, lending, public performance & broadcasting of this record prohibited · a laconic production, in association with: superimposition records, mdw distribution, & deep management. design: formal graphics. photography: james farrar
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