Whiteberg: Hairy Monsterland

 divil gang · ten pints of milk please no milk today break your fence and make you pay stand in your garden knock on your door banger in a paper bag explodes on the floor shattering the ceiling in your home turn all your taps on breathing down your phone pull all your tiles off smash your mother's earn set you on fire and watch you burn piss in your door way break your fuckin windows kick in your ceiling throw a brick at you. break your fuckin fence down burn your fuckin field let all your tyres down break your fuckin tractor kick in your door way break your fuckin windows break your fuckin ceiling throw a brick at you break you fuckin fuckin fuckin break him down break him fuckin down and break it all down · wesenden steps · swinging from a tall tree crawling through a pipe it is a long way down there it is a long way out mind out for the full steps they might bring you down close the gate behind you country rules now down steps down steps we're off down steps down steps we found a wasps nest sprayed it up with paint we got stung later we secured our fate down steps dry grass on the ground creatures crawl around hushed rush of water it's the only sound. down steps sit inside our pipe watch the evening turn to night · doyle · get out of my field, you little buggers if i see that dog in here again i'll shoot it. oi mirk oi just round my sheep up then go home to the wife could do without them youngsters in my life i like my tobacco i like my pint my dog is called mirk my walking stick is all right doyle's here doyle's here doyle's here he's come to round his sheep up he's seen us dossing in his field and he's got his 12 bore shot gun slaver falls away from his mouth when he takes out his pipe he's got a very ruddy face and a trilby and a watch chain hiding in the underground stream he's standing up above he doesn't know we're under his feet his sheep dog probably does voice is a rough and loud din he makes us recoil in fear his dog, mirk, will bring his sheep in and he'll go for a beer hey get out of there my dad'll go wild · poucher · poucher poucher looked quite poor though he could probably rule the moors trousers tied with a string motorbike behind a couch thing chink bike poucher planting me trees in my old field maybe they grow like down by the golf links all around me bull rushers and rhododendron trees i'll make a little rattle and i want my aniseed balls poucher poucher pigeon poucher poucher poucher aniseed poucher poucher poucher no teeth poucher poucher poucher chink bike poucher · dingle · babbling down reach the ground over the hill long walk down at the take some gin dancing and picnicking in long grass splashing in the water watching pary shite watching pary shite ancient oaks steep slopes throw a stone in off to western off to dingle throw the dog in build a dam get a sun tan throw yourself in icy water moorland flies throw pary in throw a stone in throw the dog in throw yourself in throw pary in. splashing in the water watching pary shite watching pary shite moorland fly moorland fly moorland flies flowing in i'm falling in falling in go for a swim for a swim yuh · nidge · its nidge leather biker jacket long greasy hair half an hells angel does he fuckin care back of the electric box i made some bomb gear down the slide backwards let go of your fear bass guitar don't tread on my lead i've had meningitis so don't fuckin cross me its nidge leather biker jacket leather biker jacket my brother went to cambridge i stayed round here working in the local mill with my friend martin deer looking back now people don't understand me it's hard to be different round here sulphur and tin foil its nidge · doctors · laying on the ground unmasked encounters playful recreation what we found laying on the ground the day was all but gone full of summer confidence our chaste investigation feelings so strong the day was all but gone day was all but gone open in the shade had a kind of sabre had a kind of reptile feelings were made open in the shade on with the show made an appointment for life extermination finished you can go on with the show on with the show got an appointment with the past could it be over seemed so fast got a feeling you go last got to be joking queue's so vast magnified the captured slave undressed apprehension all that's inside magnified fell so high as the feeling soared now crashed into the sun burning up the sky fell so high fell so high · swellands · sensing a cold bleakness a bleakness floating in off the water notice the reflection the black clouds ripple rippling the air sitting there all alone alone on cobbles' stoney embankment with the moorland drizzle with moorland drizzle penetrating hair try sounding a long note deep down beneath the ground grass whispers in answer almost without a sound swellands bleakness swelland deepness swellands bleakness and the taste of the peat swellands bleakness swellands deepness swellands bleakness body deprived of heat swellands bleakness swellands deepness swellands bleakness go for your last swim swellands bleakness swellands deepness swellands bleakness sinking slowly in sniamer selefil era ereht dnuor rednu gniknis ylwols dnuorg senob dna seceelf ylno dnuof gnitaelb erom on eb lereht dnuos, Copyright and Phonograph Copyright owned by Whiteberg/Superimposition Records/Laconic Productions 2004