Pablo Ouspenski: Art Director


Born/year ... Madrid 1970

Grew up where ... Berlin

Education ... CNSAD Paris

Current residence ... Berlin

Religion ... Catholic

Politics ... None

Pet you have, or would have if you could... I'd probably like a Parrot

Height... 5'9"

Weight... NA

Ethnicity... European

Star sign... Taurus

Alternative career possibilities ... Pub singer


Fixed Questionnaire

If I have time to myself ...

i get morose and pick at my clothes. sometimes i shake uncontrollably,

and moan, just to hear an emotion. it's nice to see birds and wildlife cross my path,

but often they simply make me jealous of their emptiness.

You wouldn't know it but I'm very good at ...

writing in the third person. i use third person pronouns to pin my

subconscious desires and anxieties on anything but myself. i find it liberating.

e.g. the way she smiled made him angry, he couldn't believe she could so typify his fear.

You may not know it but I'm very bad at ...writing in the first person... i just, well,..

A book that changed me ...the bible changed me and i will never be able to forgive it.

Movie heaven ...

is where goods movies go. there is a list of movie saints and demons in our living room.

it's written by Time Out. most of the entries are heavenly.

i like going to the cinema. it's a special occasion. but i wish cineplexes would all fuck off and die.

Comfort eating ...

i don't comfort eat. i find eating too filling. i do, however, love to comfort drink.

i do it any time i feel existential. gradually it draws me back into my imagination where all the funny stuff is.

I wish I'd never worn ...

tights. they're horrible. they feel awful.

and the gusset is like a sex web of brown plastic.

i believe that tights were invented to make women feel embarrassed from the inside out.

when i wore them, i was on stage in southampton.

i took off my trousers at the end of the gig, and the audience didn't laugh.

there were about 1500 people staring at me and not laughing.

most situations would be salvaged by people not laughing at you. how i wish i'd been ridiculed.

All my money goes on ...

booze. i think that's fine. i mean, you can't take it with you, can you?

My biggest regret ...

fucking my friend's wife. although at the time,

it seemed like the only honest thing to do, in retrospect,

it was a milestone in my life that i would rather not have happened.

If I wasn't me I'd like to be ...

if i think of this question, my mind pulsates in impossibly wide

explosions and implosions. there are so many possibilities, all of which are pointless. i can't take the hope.

When I was a child I wanted to be ...

cool and tough.then a vet.then a rock star. all over the world, like goose pimples,

underused men stare at screens and their inner astronaut

spins deeper and deeper into space towards his own ass where,

at the point of death, he will be released into the atmosphere in an imperceptibly small fart.

It's not fashionable but I like ....jazz. jazz has the monopoly in bad fonts.--

My favourite building ...not sure. i'd like to say something cool and original,

like a polo mint, but i'm not sure at all. maybe the taj mahal. or the fucking scottish parliament.

The shop I can't walk past ...doesn't exist. i am a very good non consumer.

My favourite work of art comment.

Soundtrack to my life ...

polar bear. my inner voice.

imaginary whisperings of passing strangers.

catholic guilt dressed in intellectual bolstering.