WHITEBERG X QUAD Superimposition

Whiteberg have collaborated with design studio QUAD (Quantum Urban Architecture Design) to produce the ‘Superimposition’ Album
An electronic instrumental work looking into the physical / sculptural presence of sound, incorporating contemporaneous hip hop, dub, and techno rhythms.

The recording released across all digital platforms on December 10.

CD versions are in the process of manufacture.

You can digitally download or stream the album everywhere including, spotify, itunes, youtube, etc

Track list :

Vertigo 2:36

Levitation 2:50

Absence 2:29

Superimposition 3:06

Portal 3:55

Unfold 2:30

Folium 3:47

DNA 3:04

Future 4:03

Spline 3:19

Ripples 3:05

Rethink 3:31

(Total Length 38.06)

Stream on YouTube