Retrospective 28/12/05
"From Huddersfield To Marsden,The Music of 2005"
An Improvisation.
The evening kicked off with a meeting between Pablo and The Count over late luncheon at Verve to discuss matters surrounding the concepts reality and absurdity. It was then onto Vox where Philip was waiting at the bar, he had refused to go to Verve even though it was just a little further up the street, Pablo had thought that he must be with others for this reason but he turned out to be on his own. After a drink and further merriment the situationists moved on, taking a train to the village of Marsden to meet up with Ronnie and Bridget Parnini at the Riverhead Brewery, where "Love Dice" were introduced by The Count as prop (courtesy of Dwarf). After a few there, it was on to "The Wine Bar" next door, where things started to become somewhat more theatrical, with considerable melodramatic gestures. Then onto an empty Swan, for a limited duke box session.
The whole thing was just like one long comedy sketch and conversations were kept strictly on a surreal level.
A most enjoyable evening.
It was noted that many new cafe style bars have recently sprung in Huddersfield, and it is as if the Town is on the brink of some kind of renaissance.

Unfortunately Maitland White and India Gurdjieff were unable to attend due to their busy Christmas schedule.

Helen Kane, Ray Pogo and Theo Broderick also sent apologies.