WHITEBERG: Dougy's Mind: SYMBOLS: Faded Moral Fibre: Lyrics

I hear her thunder coming true, As her icy rain hails through
The frozen desert paying the price, A Billion years of perma ice. Her glacier slides across my mind, She probes to see what she can find, Her skin is like the smoothest stone
Cold to the touch and white as bone.

Calmness is chilling, My mind she is filling
With religion and sin, And all that is within.
How can I hope to find, Any love from her kind.
A faith that is blind, From the truth in my mind.

Her frozen rock eyes are set to stun, They're glistening in the pale morning sun, She's casually scanning me up and down
She's speaking to me without any sound. I try to communicate how I feel, By telling her that the world isn't real, She's telling me God ids her main concern
Not really sure but I think I could learn

Queen of negative heat, Forever at your feet.
I look up, see you frown, My universe is scaling down
Sovereign of the winter sun, Let me shoot my gun
I don't care where you're from, Let our hearts beat as one.

Emmanuel Whiteberg
All copyright and publishing rights owned by Whiteberg / Superimposition Records / Laconic Productions 2009

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