WHITEBERG: Dougy's Mind: SIGNS: Dark Earth Kiss: Lyrics

Empress of glorious sunlight, Gentle rays of your sweet smile, I am moved by warmth and joy around you.
The music of your voice it strikes a chord that's deep within my soul. Radiant flashes from your jeweled eyes.
Let the heavens open up and fill my heart with burning gold
Let the winds of summer now unfold.
Let me lay you down upon the petal covered grass of spring, Melting with you like the April snow.

Your world penetrating mine, Discarding limits set by time
Running your sensors through my brain, Your superhuman powers drive me insane.
Did you magic create this scene, Can't believe it is not a dream, You have raised me out of hell, I hope I spend my last days under your spell

The fabric of the building shook, So much power in your look. More dazzling than the morning sun, Living proof there can only be one. I thought I was in a dream, Beauty I have never seen. Embodied in the golden mean, Living goddess pharaoh queen.

Planet core and sun in line, I got your power in my spine
Feeling your body move with mine, Your Kundalini wakes up and comes online. Psychic rays in cosmic scenes, Third eye flashing laser beams. Love bomb missiles drive on home, As your nuclear sunlight melts my soul.

Planet earth please stand aside and let Venus and Mars decide, Take me to the goddess of the sky.
Let her sunlight shine across my heart and resurrect my soul, Let her love engulf me as I die.

Emmanuel Whiteberg
All copyright and publishing rights owned by Whiteberg / Superimposition Records / Laconic Productions 2009

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