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Venue was teaming up to the ceiling,. Clothes are revealing who you really are,. Gloom is adjuring wardrobe is yearning
Seasons returning television Star.

When you design to come with me. Your heart will be filled with beauty. I'll see your moon-lit face sublime
Transcend the barriers of time. All worlds will brilliantly shine
When we make love and you are mine. And when I'm inside it feels so right. My fate determined within your bite. Tear down the darkness give me your light. I need your fire in me tonight

Yes I wanna touch you yes I wanna feel you. Yes I wanna heal you always be near you, You make the sunshine burn so bright, Take away my night. If I wanna be in your yes all I have to do is visualise. See us dancing in the street moving to the beat

Look into your eyes of fire, What more could man desire
Shake out your blues lift up your soul, Give me rock 'n' roll
The way you stop the way you move, There's nothing that god could improve. Get on the floor and move your feet
Feel the disco beat

Emmanuel Whiteberg
All copyright and publishing rights owned by Whiteberg / Superimposition Records / Laconic Productions 2009

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