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Found a little film star, in my life, Destined to play lead as my next incarnation wife, How do I know this? Well I guess you may ask
I saw it in the coffee grains at the bottom of my glass.

I loved her toes her freckley nose and watched her as she juxtaposed
Performing in the moment for the hot chair reciting prose. She was a rose in many ways but in the end had to suppose. That in the haze of the limelight any memory she had might well implode. I loved her hair her piercing stare I wonder now how did I dare. To think she might maybe show a kind of interest or even care. I should propose something I thought before this opportunity goes But its only now that I realize.

Sat down introduced myself as trained in method style, Babbling like a good for nothing helpless juvenile, But she's staring at me with a fully loaded smile, Our eyes meet and it hits me like a nuclear missile.

Her soul is like a diamond indestructible and clear. She's got little stars behind her left ear. She is a race apart the future of man kind. I've got to make a start, I don't wanna get left behind.

Dog, dog without a bitch, I need to cure my ten year glitch
Cos I could see myself in those eyes, As they took away all the hurt and the lies, I want to take you away from the streets, Want to role you in white linen sheets, Pouring glitter from the sun drenched skies,
Bringing an end to all the last goodbyes, Open your floodgates nice and wide, I want to pour myself right there back inside
She was hissing like a cobra with an s shaped spine, knowing with one bite she was sure to be mine, Being single aught to be a crime, I need an angel in my bed till the end of time, Let the devil turn back the tide,
And let the good Count be my only guide

And I was there at her premiere trying not to stare, Like I was a superstar myself so therefore didn't care, God only knows I live in the shadows between reality shows, The sets not there I'm just taken from a green screen and superimposed, I want to share a meaningful affair and talk about your hair, If I could hold her hand I would be floating right there through the air, And when I froze it brought it to a close there were no second shows. But it's only now that I realize.

Emmanuel Whiteberg
All copyright and publishing rights owned by Whiteberg / Superimposition Records / Laconic Productions 2009

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