Vidya Sahara: Performer: bass guitar, bass synthesiser, vocals and fashion

Mini Interview

Where do you come from and how old are you? (if you don't mind me asking).... I was born in Bangalore in 1980.

Did you grow up there?.... No, my family moved to to Singapore when I was three. So I went to school there.

When did you get info music: I started learning classical guitar when I was about eight; then later on, I started getting into the folk style of playing, mostly because I enjoyed singing. My dad also got me into playing the sitar a little, which was useful. When I was around fifteen, I started getting in with the alternative crowd at school; some friends were starting a band and somebody suggested that I should try playing bass for them.

What were your first band called?... We were called The Midnight Orchids, and we are kind of still going. But I have ended up being the lead singer with them. Bass playing has instead been entrusted to Yasmin Cyberstar, she is very good, so no worries.

How did you end up in Whiteberg?... I first met Clem (Fazuku) in 1999, when I was at HKU, He was just passing through and working the summer there in a bar in LKF; I was amazed to find that he also grew up partly in Singapore; and then when he told me he played drums, we sort of hit off straight away. Emmanuel (Whiteberg} had an apartment in HK, and he just happened to meet us in the bar were Clem was working one night, and we got talking.

What happened next? ... Well, once Emmanuel found out that Clem and I were musicians, he told us that it was a good coincidence because he was actually scouting around for potential understudies, for all of the old members of Whiteberg, including perhaps even himself. He said that he already met a potential guitarist (Algeron Vaniva) Who was staying at his flat. I told Emmanuel about my friend Kavita (Quartz) who I'd met in college and was a real keyboard techy. The Count decided to invite us all to meet up with our music gear and have bit of a jam session and perhaps a few dinks and a smoke. He hired out a small warehouse and a PA in New Territories. It was great, we jelled almost immediately as a band. We hammered out a few cover versions that we happened to all know; Joy Division, Devo, Bowie, Roxy Music, etc.

So you were hired? ... Not right away; we started meeting every week, same place same time. Old members of the band (Messrs, Gurjieff, Ouspenski, Marinetti and White) turned up to check us out and see if we were up to the job. That went on for about six or seven weeks; at one point all nine of us played together, that was quite amazing. Then we hit the studio and started to lay down tracks for Dougy's Mind.


Born/year ... Bangalore 1980

Grew up where ... Singapore

Current residence ... Mauritius

Education ... LASALLE College of the Arts

Religion ... Buddhist

Politics ... Sod off

Pet you have, or would have if you could... Green Iguana, for the beautiful colour. (if I could)

Height... 5'6"

Weight... 105lb

Ethnicity... Indian/Arabian.

Star sign... Gemini

Alternative career possibilities ... Fashion Designer


Fixed Questionnaire

If I have time to myself ... I think a lot.

You wouldn't know it but I'm very good at ... Cooking

You may not know it but I'm very bad at ... People Skills; I insult people all the time, without knowing it. I'm terrible.

Movie heaven ... Resident Evil

Comfort eating ... I don't really do that.

I wish I'd never worn ... Heavy earrings can be a real headache

When I was a child I wanted to be ... A fashion model

It's not fashionable but I like .... Vicious dogs

My favourite building ... Marina Bay Sands hotel towers, Singapore

The shop I can't walk past ... Some Odd Rubies, NYC

My favourite work of art ... Concert for Anarchy by Rebecca Horn

Soundtrack to my life ... My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, Brian Eno / David Byrne